Introducing a new concept in colour therapy and relaxation. The Dreamsphere is the most extraordinary sphere on Earth.

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 The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere, a completely new and original concept which was visualised, researched and developed
by innovative artist John Lowe. Its unique properties make it one of the most fascinating ways to see brilliant iridescent colours.
John Lowe has become a world recognised artist who specialises in the use of 'structural' colours and has sold his work in over 50 countries.
Although officially retired now, he continues to make his Dreamspheres although the secrets of their production process remain a closely guarded secret. Nobody else knows how to make these unique and beautiful objects.


"Like a crystal clear ball filled with the iridescent shards of a broken rainbow."

Large Dreamsphere

Dreamspheres are a radical departure from conventional art!
These remarkable innovations allow the viewer to interact with the spheres to produce an ever-changing
array of colourfull abstract patterns.
It is very similar to the precious gem described in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit".

Where do these colours come from?

The colours that we see in everyday life are known as fixed or ‘static’ colours and are the result of dyes, colours, pigments
or metallics being used in a material. These colours never change no matter what angle they are viewed from.

The Dreamsphere does not use these conventional ‘static’ colours and is, in theory, completely transparent!

Colour without pigments?

The other type of colours we are able to see are known as ‘structural’ colours and these are typically more brilliant and
visually striking than conventional ‘static’ colours. The iridescent wings of a butterfly, for example
, rely on having
‘structural’ colours whereby light is split into different frequencies by a geometric arrangement of cells.

The scales of a butterfly magnified

The scales of a butterfly magnified to show how the arrangement of cells produces colour.

Despite being physically transparent, each Dreamsphere generates millions of iridescent ‘structural’ colours by
fracturing light at molecular level. This has never been done before making the Dreamsphere a totally unique experience.
Microscopic 'nanostructures' inside the spheres interfere with light, splitting it into different colours depending on the viewing angle.
There are no moving parts and no batteries.

When you look into a Dreamsphere you are seeing pure electromagnetic energy.
This is where advanced technology is used to create a visually stimulating experience that is rare to see.

The materials used and the various processes involved in creating Dreamspheres are a closely guarded secret.
The spheres are not made from glass as might be expected, but are many times stronger than glass.
They are made from a combination of materials that are unique to the Dreamsphere.

The techniques used in creating his Dreamspheres are constantly evolving and there are now over 38 separate
stages involved, taking up to two weeks to complete from start to finish.
Each sphere is entirely hand-crafted by John and therefore only available in limited numbers. No two are identical.





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Dreamspheres are different things to different people.

Spiritual Healing  -  Stress Relief  -  Relaxation  -  Metaphysical Enlightenment  -  Colour Therapy  -  Meditation
Feng Shui  -  Clairvoyance  -  Suncatcher  -  Display Item  -  Mood Changer  -  Executive Desk Item

“They produce the most perfect colours in the most perfect form, bringing an extraordinary visual presence into any environment.”

  The Dreamsphere
embraces new
 technology enabling
everyone to see pure iridescent colours
in a totally unique way.

The concept behind the Dreamsphere uses
nanotechnology.... engineering at molecular level, in order to fracture light and change its frequency many times over. "Structural" colours are generated by the
Matrix inside the Dreamsphere.
  John Lowe

Tel. 01775 724066
The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere which is intended for display purposes as a decorative sphere for personal entertainment,
as a feng shui object, suncatcher, colour therapy sphere, spiritual enlightenment, stress-busting or meditation tool.

Each Large Dreamsphere is solid, approximately 72mm ( 2 7/8 inch ) diameter and weighs around 247 grams. (8 1/2 oz.)
These are not mass-produced novelties, but are individual works of art.
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