Introducing a new concept in colour therapy and relaxation. The Dreamsphere is the most extraordinary sphere on Earth.

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Hand crafted phial

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This is my re-creation of a small Elvish style phial, beautifully crafted in crystal clear glass and
hand-decorated around the neck and stopper. The phial is filled with a special liquid before being permanently sealed.

This liquid will glow blue under UV light.

This phial has been faithfully reproduced in glass by a Master Glass-artist who has many years'
experience as a glass blower. He has willingly collaborated in bringing this iconic piece to life, demonstrating
his skills and artistry in the flowing curves and sheer beauty of this small collectible piece.

This Elvish styled glass phial is made from the finest quality glass, and
he is one of only a few people capable of reproducing this intricate design with such precision.

The neck and stopper are hand-decorated with a Mithril effect design applied by John Lowe, an
accomplished artist and inventor with over 50 years' experience in art, design and production.

Filled with a special liquid, the Phial will glow blue whenever Orcs are present or when placed
close to an Ultra Violet light source.
The stopper is permanently sealed and cannot be undone by mere mortals.

This work of art represents collaboration between two artists combining their skills to
produce a gift of extraordinary beauty, elegance and craftsmanship.

The phial measures approximately 15.5 cm high and 4.2 cm at the widest point.

Hand crafted Elvish glass phial   Hand crafted Elvish glass phial 2   Hand crafted Elvish glass phial 3   Hand crafted Elvish glass phial 4
Hand crafted Elvish glass phial 5   Hand crafted Elvish glass phial 6   Hand crafted Elvish glass phial   Hand crafted Elvish glass phial

    £126.50 including tracking    

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The Certificate of Authenticity will be included inside the packaging.

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Display stands are not included.

The phial is not supplied with a stand as many buyers will prefer to find their own
unique way of displaying it.


Tel. 01775 724066

The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere which is intended for display purposes as a decorative sphere for personal entertainment,
as a feng shui object, suncatcher, colour therapy sphere, spiritual enlightenment, stress-busting or meditation tool.

Each sphere is solid, approximately 72mm ( 2 7/8 inch ) diameter and weighs around 247 grams. (8 1/2 oz.)
These are not mass-produced novelties, but are individual works of art.
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