Introducing a new concept in colour technology. The Dreamsphere is the most unique sphere in the World.





Dreamspheres are a new and exciting artistic creation which are individually hand-crafted in the UK by artist John Lowe.
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The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere, producing the purest most vibrant colours imaginable.

The Dreamsphere changes colour as you turn it in your hand with a dazzling array of colours.
Here's the interesting part....THERE ARE NO COLOURS, DYES, PIGMENTS or METALLICS inside these spheres!
They are simulated crystal spheres, twice as strong as glass and many times more expensive to produce. Absolutely unique.

Colour without pigments?

The colours that we see in everyday life arise from the use of pigments, dyes or colours contained in a material, and these colours are known as fixed or "static" colours. They will always be the same no matter what angle they are viewed at.

The Dreamsphere does not use these static colours and is, in theory, completely transparent. The other type of colours we are able to see are known as "structural" colours, and these are typically more brilliant and striking than conventional "static" colours. The iridescent wings of a butterfly, for example, rely on having structural colour. Cells are arranged in a geometric pattern at molecular level and are completely invisible to the naked eye. These fracture light into different frequencies within the visible spectrum to produce some of the most alarming and unusual colour combinations. The use of structural colour makes the Dreamsphere so radically different from every other kind of sphere on Earth, allowing you to see the purest, most eye-catching array of colours.

Every Dreamsphere is created by myself under controlled conditions before being hand-polished to a wonderfully tactile finish, and every one is different, allowing you to see some of the most interesting and hypnotic colour combinations imaginable.

The Dreamsphere is therefore unique and can be used in a number of different ways. It is different things to different people.

Some suggested applications include;

1. Decorative display at home as a focal point or in a display cabinet as a personal possession and "conversation piece".
2. As a Suncatcher used in Feng Shui to produce a rainbow of colours inside a room and move stagnant chi.
3. A visually attractive shop display. Place in a well-lit shop window, preferably on a turntable and attract the attention of passers-by.
4. A meditation or scrying tool. To focus and clear the mind. Lose yourself in the colours.
5. It can be used in colour therapy to relieve stress, worry and anxiety or to affect your mood by viewing the colours.
6. An executive desk accessory. Radiating various colours, this emotional balancer is ideal for busy living rooms or offices.


The Large Dreamsphere is now proving to be the most popular size.                 


John Lowe. Inventor and creator of every Dreamsphere

Tel. 01775 724066

The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere which is intended for display purposes as a decorative sphere for personal entertainment,
as a feng shui object, suncatcher, colour therapy sphere, spiritual enlightenment, stress-busting or meditation tool.

Each Large Dreamsphere is solid, approximately 72mm ( 2 7/8 inch ) diameter and weighs around 247 grams. (8 1/2 oz.)
These are not mass-produced novelties, but are individual works of art.
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