Introducing a new concept in colour therapy and relaxation. The Dreamsphere is the most extraordinary sphere on Earth.

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Fëanorian lamps

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Fëanorian lamps.

"...they were made of old in Valinor, and neither wind nor water could quench them, and when they were unhooded they sent forth a clear blue light from a flame imprisoned in white crystal."
Unfinished Tales, Of Tuor and his coming to Gondolin , Tolkien

Fëanorian lamps were lamps which emitted a blue light from a flame from within a white crystal. They are described as "crystals hung in a fine chain net, the crystals being ever shining with an inner blue radiance". The lamps were created in Valinor and the flame could not be extinguished by wind or water The Noldor were famous for the flames, but unfortunately the craft was lost with them. Gelmir possessed one of these lamps when he met Tuor.

Some of the Noldor who had been captured by Morgoth and put to work in his mines had Fëanorian lamps with them. Gw; when he escaped he took with him one of these lamps.


Feanorian lamp by John Lowe   Feanorian Lamp   Feanorian Lamp Feanorian Lamp  
Feanorian Lamp   Feanorian Lamp by Dreamspheres   Feanorian lamp by John Lowe Feanorian lamp  
These Fëanorian lamps are hand-crafted by myself and will glow with a soft blue light in a dark room for many hours when 'charged' with UV light, either from sunlight or by using a UV torch, which are readily available.
They are all sold complete with silver plated chain-work.

There are seven facets around the base, seven facets in the middle and a further seven facets around the top.
There are also seven stars suspended around the 'crystal'.

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The Dreamsphere is a Radiant Light Sphere which is intended for display purposes as a decorative sphere for personal entertainment,
as a feng shui object, suncatcher, colour therapy sphere, spiritual enlightenment, stress-busting or meditation tool.

Each sphere is solid, approximately 72mm ( 2 7/8 inch ) diameter and weighs around 247 grams. (8 1/2 oz.)
These are not mass-produced novelties, but are individual works of art.
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